Thinking Design

Author: S. Balaram


ISBN: 9788196775148

S. Balaram is one of the pioneers who commenced design education in India. His championship of Universal Design Education won him the Grand Jury Award of the International Association of Universal Designers. “Majority World”, the term he coined to replace the biased terms “Developing World” and “Third World”, is now accepted globally as appropriate. He is the only Indian to get the “Ron Mace / Designing for the 21st Century Award”. He is one of the very few designers who publishes regularly and has authored ten books on diverse aspects of design.

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Design is doing.
Does that mean that there is no Thinking?
Are designers only skilled aesthetic experts?
Is there no value system and strong philosophical base, a necessity for any profession?
What is the relevance of Design for a country as unique as India?
What is the future of design education and the design profession?
This book is a deep reflection on such basic questions and an examination of some practical examples.
In the words of well-known scholar Gaston Roberge:
“Design is something special.
Design is charming.
Design is so significant that according to Carl Jung, it often is the symbol of the self in dreams.”
“Design is at once so unlikely and so charming that some people use an argument from design, holding that God’s existence is provable by the evidence of design in the universe.”
“Design is no ordinary thing indeed.”
And S. Balaram is fully aware that “the human need” he writes, “which is the origin of the design, is not only physical but also psychological, socio-cultural, ecological and spiritual.”
Balaram’s Thinking Design explores fascinatingly the intricate and multifarious relationship of design activity and product, the India of Gandhi and of the following era.
Befittingly, given its subject, Thinking Design is no ordinary book, indeed!