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  • Demystifying Self-Directed Learning for Health Professions Educator: From Theory to Practice

    595.00 ISBN: 9788196671112

    Dr.T.S. Gugapriya is currently working as a professor of Anatomy and coordinator of the Centre for Medical Education Technologies at AIIMS Nagpur. She is a passionate teacher with 20 years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience. She is a FAIMER fellow and an innovative trainer for faculty development programs. She mentors research in medical education to develop evidence-based educational interventions. Loves interacting with people and being a team person.


  • The Art of Living Well: The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Yourself And Your Environment

    595.00 ISBN: 9788196671198

    Unlock your full potential with The Art of Living Well. This transformative self-help book, written in a clear and accessible style, delves into three essential and transformative themes for anyone looking to enhance their lives.
    – Self-Mastery: Learn to harness the power within you. Navigate and diminish self-doubt, cultivate resilience, find true emotional balance, and attain lasting inner confidence and peace. Discover your purpose and passion.
    – Interactional Excellence: Become proficient in the art of connection. Forge deep, meaningful relationships, enhance your communication skills, learn to stand up for yourself without ruffling others, and become a magnetic presence in both personal and professional spheres.
    – Work as Service: Redefine success as service. Align your career with your values, make a positive impact, and create a life that truly matters.
    This book is your roadmap to a life of profound contentment and achievement. Begin your journey towards living well and joyfully, today.

  • Contracts And Arbitration For Managers

    595.00 ISBN: 9788196503390

    As a manager, do you struggle with legal technicalities related to contracts and arbitrations?
    As an engineer managing a project, do you feel the immence pressure of the complexity of contracts?
    This book presents contracts and arbitration from a business perspective and helps you to deal effectively with them while making strategic business decisions.

  • HRD Score Card 2500: Tools for Renewal based on HRD Audit

    Author: T.V. Rao
    895.00 ISBN: 9788196329693

    Release Date: 28th,  August 2023

    No. of Pages: 293


    A new HRD function was created in mid-seventies by Udai Pareek and the author of this book recognizing the significance of competent and committed people in helping organizations achieve their purpose and goals. Subsequent studies across the globe have indicated that good HR systems and practices go a long way to make firms effective all the time. Studies have also shown that competent HRD staff and departments are critical to make such systems function well and create a culture of sustainability. Two decades after the start of the new HRD function, gaps have been found in understanding, structuring, disseminating and implementing good HRD in several corporations. In order to enhance the impact of HRD, a systematic review and evaluation of HRD systems, practices, competencies of HRD staff and other stakeholders was invented in early nineties and was called as “HRD Audit”. This book is an outline of such HRD audit to review and rejuvenate good HRD by assigning scores for an organization. Good HRD of any organization stands on four pillars: Systems, Competencies, Culture and Alignment. The strength of each pillar can be improved first be measuring and finding gaps and subsequently by strengthening the areas that need support. This volume presents tools and methodology to evaluate these four pillars of HRD: 1. HR systems, 2. Competencies of HR staff, top management and other employees, 3. HRD values and Organizational culture, and 4. Alignment as indicated by the HRD’s impact on intellectual CapitaLand financial out comes. The book presents detailed guidelines and framework for such measurement using 2500 points. The points are indicative the measures can be adjusted to suit the contextual reality of the user. We hope this volume will help you to examine your HR systems and practices, competencies of all those involved and enable you to create a right kind of culture and maximize your impact in achieving short term and long term goals of your organization.

    About the Author

    Dr. T. V. Rao is currently Chairman, TVRLS. A former professor and Board member at IIMA, he is the Founder President of National HRD Network and has been in the forefront of HRD movement in the country. Dr. Rao worked as a short-term consultant to UNESCO, Bangkok; USAID Indonesia; UNIDO Malaysia; and Commonwealth Secretariat, London and as HRD Consultant in India to over a hundred organizations in the public and private sectors. He received many awards including Ravi Matthai Fellow (AIMS), Asia Pacific HR Professional of the year 2019 (APFHRM) and Lifetime Achievement Award from Indian Academy of Management. He has authored over 60 books.

  • #Whatever: The Alternative Narrative

    595.00 ISBN: 9788196329662

    Release Date: 15th,  August 2023

    No. of Pages: 203


    “#Whatever: The Alternative Narrative” is a book which will compel readers to question assumptions about many key issues confronting us as we go hurtling towards our very uncertain future, hopefully wondering about why we choose to do what we do. Are we really free?  What’s next?

    About the Author

    Dr. Mansi Kapoor, a renowned academic based in Pune, is an accomplished MBA graduate from India’s leading Central University (B.H.U) and holds a distinguished PhD in Leadership and Spirituality from the renowned Savitri Bai Phule Pune University. Her research interests revolve around sustainability, leadership, business environment, spirituality, philosophy, and culture studies. With two decades of remarkable corporate and academic experience, she brings a unique perspective to her work and writing.


  • Simply Data: Data to Decisions

    Author: Sejal Vora
    675.00 ISBN: 9788196329600

    Release Date: 9th,  August2023

    No. of Pages: 276


    Spreadsheets      Databases        Analytics       Graphs        Statistics

    Are these words enough to transport you into snooze mode?
    Data is not essential for my job / business?
    Is that what you think?
    Analytical skills require exceptional intellect which is bestowed upon only chosen few.
    Is that what you believe?
    The ‘science of data’ is an exclusive club meant for data scientists alone.
    Is that what you’ve been told?
    This book will bust all these myths surrounding Data and the data averse nature in most people.
    Data has become an inescapable reality of all our lives, professions, and businesses. And the need for driving decisions with data could not have been more pronounced than it is today. Data is not as complex as it has been made out to be. This book along with other books in the SIMPLY DATA series will simplify data for the most data-averse as also data-savvy person alike, enabling one and all to leverage the true power of data. You do not need any prior data, tools or technological knowledge to pick up this book and learn from it.
    The first part of this book will help you understand data better and get more comfortable with it. The second part will guide you on decoding the meaning behind data using both the left – analytical thinking brain and the right – creative or intuitive thinking brain, to achieve whole brain thinking. From Analytical Reasoning to Pattern Recognition and developing an analytical mindset; To introducing for the very first time – the concept of Data Intuition, this book has it all!  As a bonus, in part three you will also get an insight on using the storytelling technique for effective data communication.

    Sejal Vora – Author, Tedx Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Times 40 under 40 Achiever, is the go-to name in the field of Data Analytics & Storytelling. She uses her practical experience and simplified teaching approach to rid corporate communications of ‘data dumps’, convert them into ‘stories’ and drive a Data to Decisions culture through her consulting & training services for organizations across all industries.

  • TRIZ: Methods in Solving Non-Standard Problems

    1,990.00 ISBN: 9788196329631

    Release Date: 30th June, 2023

    No. of Pages: 249


    This book describes a method for solving non-standard problems, consisting of 5 steps.
    The book contains a description of the logic of inventive problem solving. Much attention in the book is given to the practice of using these tools.
    The material is quickly and easily absorbed. It is suitable for solving problems from any field of knowledge. This volume of knowledge is sufficient for solving many inventive problems. Much attention is given in this book to practice of using these tools, therefore, the book contains many tasks for independent work, which are analyzed in appendixes.
    The book contains 88 problems of 41 for an independent solution. Author’s analysis of these problems is given in the appendix.
    The book is intended for a broad circle of readers and will be especially useful for those who want to learn how to obtain new ideas quickly.

    About Author

    “Vladimir Petrov is the author of the provided information. He is known as the “Master of TRIZ” and serves as the President of the TRIZ Association of Israel. He is also a co-founder and co-organizer of the TRIZ Developers Summit and a scientific consultant for the European TRIZ Association.

    Petrov was a member of the Presidium of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) from its inception until 2006. He served as a member of the Expert and Methodological Council of MATRIZ, as well as the dissertation council for granting the degree of TRIZ Master from the establishment of MATRIZ until 2015.

    The author has been involved in TRIZ since 1972. He was a student, colleague, and friend of TRIZ author Genrich Altshuller. Together with Altshuller, he conducted numerous TRIZ training seminars in various cities of the USSR. He co-organized the Leningrad Scientific School of TRIZ with Voluslav Mitrofanov and organized and delivered lectures in many TRIZ courses in the former USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, South Korea, and Israel. He also assisted in organizing TRIZ schools in Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Vietnam, and Israel.

    He is a versatile TRIZ specialist with broad scientific interests. He dedicates a lot of attention to the development of laws and patterns of system development, forecasting, systemic research, ARIZ, field analysis, information resources, teaching methods of TRIZ for all age groups, and fostering inventive thinking in adults and children.

    He has delivered over 50,000 hours of TRIZ lectures to adult and children audiences. He has trained several thousand students. He has solved over 5,000 inventive problems and completed over 500 projects for leading companies in the USA, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Israel, including Samsung, Intel, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corp., Boeing, Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, BMW, BOSCH, CompAir, Philips Semiconductors, HP, Applied Materials, Google, Microsoft, and more.

    He has delivered lectures on TRIZ at universities in South Korea, Russia, and Israel. He introduced certain concepts in TRIZ, such as resources. He developed specific laws, patterns, and trends of system development and co-created his own system of laws and patterns of system development, forecasting, solving inventive problems in business, and promoting business projects. He is involved in adapting TRIZ for information technologies and business. He created his own TRIZ training methodology designed for people of all ages and a methodology for fostering inventive thinking.

    He is the author of over 30 books on TRIZ, more than 300 printed works on TRIZ, and holds 48 patents. In total, he has authored over 400 printed works.

    He is the creator and leading specialist of the largest TRIZ groups on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Corporate Quirks: The Darker Side of the Sun

    595.00 ISBN: 9788196294519

    Release Date: May 25th, 2023

    No. of Pages: 211


    The contribution made by the corporate sector to our economy is well documented. Everyone wants to be part of this canvas. But there are some quirks that run through all companies; and have been written about here based on personal experiences. This can be about HR practices, CEOs, Awards, communication, bosses, genuflection, conferences, gifts and even mundane things like emails and presentations. The reader will find this familiar and may just ask how the author knows about her company. The answer is that these quirks pervade the corridors and cabins of all companies. They are serious yet funny. Serious because this often happens, and funny because we need to have a sense of humour to savour the way of corporate life. These pages are to be read with a smile and taken in the right spirit because as the bard had said – all of us are actors that speak our lines and walk off the stage!

    About Author

    Madan Sabnavis, an accidental economist, who became one due to his inability to open other career doors, is a postgraduate in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and graduated from St Stephen’s College, Delhi in Economics (Honours). He has been a corporate economist for 36 years of which 35 were in the private sector- erstwhile ICICI Limited, ICICI Bank, Larsen and Toubro, NCDEX and CARE Ratings. Experiences in these private companies provide the raw materials for this book. He is presently the Chief Economist with the Bank of Baroda. Author of five books and around 3000 articles, he has been a freelance columnist for newspapers since 1988

  • Future of Retail Management: Blending Digital and Traditional Practices

    Author: Rishi Kapal
    595.00 ISBN: 9788196010027

    Release Date: May 22nd, 2023

    No of Pages: 188


    The essence of retail management is the process of assisting customers and consumers to be able to find and use products and services. However, with the blended advent of physical and digital retail practices, not all the sectors follow the same retail frameworks. As Muralikrishnan B, President of Xiaomi India states “That COVID-19 fundamentally changed our ways of working, presenting new opportunities as well as fresh challenges is to state the obvious”. An excellent retail strategy is important for customer retention and as per Phalgun Kompelli and Mayank Kumar, founder of Upgrad , “ businesses were forced to switch gears from offline to online and accept the ‘tech-induced-new normal’ as a way forward.” Hence the integration of retail channels started being fast tracked, that each student, faculty, and retail practitioner will understand through this new age book. As Vishal Gondal, founder and CEO of Goqii mentions “ the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of preventive healthcare and spurred a shift towards a greater focus on preventive measures thereby impacting the retail strategies.” Overall, the understanding of retail management needs to be re-invented and Venkat Malluvajhula, ANZ Head of Pitney Bowes(SendTech) elaborates that “The retail industry continues to experience significant change and disruption with shifting consumer behaviors, needs, and expectations”. Go ahead and grab this book to know the future of retail management in the Consumer Electronics, Education, Healthtech sectors. With the author’s persona experiences of 2 decades poured in the book, it would help you redefine the context and content about blending new age retail practices.

    About Author
    A Stanford LEAD Alumni | Author of 4 acclaimed books | An academician by choice | Three decades of experience in Global Strategy, Management & Transitions | Former CXO @ Sony, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Castrol.

  • Simply Data: Storytelling with Data

    Simply Data: Storytelling with Data

    Author: Sejal Vora
    595.00 ISBN: 9788196078157

    Release Date: April 18, 2023

    No. of Pages: 251


    • Presentations full of line and bar charts which provide no insight into data
    • Charts which need to be analyzed to decipher its meaning
    • Reports which need to be re-read to get some clarity into the message

    If the answer to any of the above is a resounding YES, then you my dear friend are in dire need of ‘Storytelling with Data’ to transform the way you think and communicate with data.

    This book will teach you how to stop reporting data and start communicating underlying insights in an easily understandable format, outlining a clear message through written and visual modes. Stories are an inherent part of human communication, the simple techniques introduced in this book will help you leverage on basic human cognition without relying on any technical tools.

    Data is not as complex as it has been made out to be. This book along with other books in the SIMPLY DATA series will simplify data for the most data-averse as also data-savvy person alike, enabling one and all to leverage the true power of data – because data is an inescapable reality for all types of job roles, professions and businesses today.

    About Author
    Sejal Vora is the only Indian Published Author with a book in the Data Analytics & Storytelling genre. A TEDx Speaker and Times 40 under 40 achiever 2022 – recognizing her exemplary achievements, Sejal has been defying all odds and carving a path of her own in a niche yet a highly in-demand area of business.

  • Cyber Strong: Cybersecurity and Risk Management

    Cyber Strong: Cybersecurity and Risk Management

    Author: Ajay Singh
    695.00 ISBN: 9788196078126

    Book Cover: Hardcover
    Release Date: February 27, 2023

    No. of Pages: 308


    Cyber risk is one of the biggest challenges’ businesses face in the 21st Century. The increasing dependence and use of technology to run businesses combined with the spate of cyber-attacks and risk to reputational damage in recent times has made cybersecurity a top priority for corporates as well as other organizations.
    Limited knowledge of cybersecurity among business leaders and functional managers is a major barrier for effective cyber risk management.
    CYBERSTRONG aims to inform and empower business managers and leaders alike to be able to assess cyber threats, integrate cybersecurity strategy with business goals, and build appropriate response systems to deal with cyber risks.

    About Author
    Ajay Singh has over 35 years’ experience in the IT industry in different roles and was the CEO of a Fintech Company for over a decade. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and serves on multiple advisory boards. He is an award-winning author and visiting faculty at leading business schools.

  • Banking Trends and Controversies

    Banking Trends and Controversies

    550.00 ISBN: 9788196078119

    Release Date: February 15, 2023

    No. of Pages: 308


    India is grappling with its worst banking crisis ever, and we are still trying to figure out what landed us here. Banking Trends and Controversies present the two sides of the Indian banking story by giving an account of the reforms as well as quandaries in times of extraordinary economic and political challenges.

    About Author
    Madan Sabnavis is working as chief economist with Bank of Baroda. He is a noted columnist for Financial Express, Business Line, The Economic Times, Business Standard and Mint.

  • Winning Hearts And Minds: Transactional Analysis Simplified

    550.00 ISBN: 9788196010089

    Release Date: February 1, 2023
    No. of Pages: 260

    Winning Hearts and Minds: Transactional Analysis Simplified uses the principles of TA to enable the reader to learn about his or her personality, identify and eliminate certain recurring patterns of harmful behavior that may have become ingrained in the psyche, and discover how to forge and maintain authentic relationships and enrich existing ones. The elegant and lucid theory of TA as set forth in this book has benefited millions of people all over the world as a remarkable means of fostering self-awareness, genuineness, and growth. The book will also be useful to practicing managers and HR professionals who seek to build a positive organizational culture based on the principles of mutual respect and trust.

    About Author
    Indranil Mitra was educated at Modern School, New Delhi, and St Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. He did his post-graduation in physics from the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi. He later joined NTPC Limited as an executive trainee in the HR department and
    completed Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. In his 30-year career in HR, he held various positions of responsibility in the
    company’s coal- and gas-based power plants, a subsidiary, and the NTPC Corporate Centre in New Delhi. During this time, he designed and implemented various HR/HRD initiatives in NTPC. Subsequently, he joined its apex-level training center, the Power Management Institute, Noida, as Senior Faculty Member in HR and Organization Behaviour. He is a certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and has also obtained certification in TA 101 recognised by the International Transactional Analysis Association. Indranil’s lifelong interest in transactional analysis (TA) led him to develop a workshop titled “Building Interpersonal Skills through Transactional Analysis,” which he has been conducting at the institute. He wrote this book to make this remarkable technique for self-development and personal growth accessible to a wider audience. He has also co-authored and edited a book, Manthan: Art and Science of Developing Leaders, with K. K. Sinha and Ajay Soni, published in 2017. He lives in New Delhi with his wife and daughter. He is keenly interested in literature, philosophy, music, drawing, art and culture, and bridge.

  • The Gift of the Gab: The Subtle Art of Communicating

    The Gift of the Gab: The Subtle Art of Communicating

    550.00 ISBN: 9788196010072

    Release Date: January 31, 2023
    No. of Pages: 216

    The trick of moving from ‘average’ to ‘outstanding’ lies in ‘communication’. When you are able to articulate, present and write better than others, you move into the extraordinary league. While most of us agree to these positive effects of communication, we conveniently ignore the downside of communication breakdown, which can lead to stunted professional growth. The Gift of the Gab: The Subtle Art of Communicating will help you develop a communication strategy that can lead to improvements in your working style. Choosing the right words, listening well and getting your message across eloquently are skills that can be perfected. By changing your communication strategy you can increase your motivation, and improve your productivity and profitability at work. This book is a corporate guide that can help you become the person you aspire to be. Excerpt: Communication cannot be perfected in a day or a month. It takes years to do it. Sometimes people would succeed, sometimes they won’t. It requires constant self-monitoring and a self-conscious effort to improve with lots of practice. So the three pillars for you to do this magic are: First to put the efforts in the right direction, second to monitor yourself and the third to keep practicing.

    About Author
    Dr. Hory Sankar Mukerjee is Principal-Education, Training and Assessment at Infosys limited. He currently handles the global enablement programs for consultants at Infosys. Apart from this he is responsible for managing the learning, upskilling, and reskilling initiatives of the organization. With more than 20+ years of experience, he has been instrumental in the foundation, learning and operations of the consulting academy since the beginning. Apart from this, he manages the learning and certification needs of 14,000+ SAP consultants. He has an expertise in providing trainings in technology and business across cultures. He is a passionate researcher and has authored three books with leading publishers like SAGE and Oxford University Press. Apart from his work, he is a columnist with leading dailies, panelists in global conferences and advises universities on their academic curriculum and industry interfacing.