Simply Data: Storytelling with Data

Author: Sejal Vora


ISBN: 9788196078157

Release Date: April 18, 2023

No. of Pages: 251


  • Presentations full of line and bar charts which provide no insight into data
  • Charts which need to be analyzed to decipher its meaning
  • Reports which need to be re-read to get some clarity into the message

If the answer to any of the above is a resounding YES, then you my dear friend are in dire need of ‘Storytelling with Data’ to transform the way you think and communicate with data.

This book will teach you how to stop reporting data and start communicating underlying insights in an easily understandable format, outlining a clear message through written and visual modes. Stories are an inherent part of human communication, the simple techniques introduced in this book will help you leverage on basic human cognition without relying on any technical tools.

Data is not as complex as it has been made out to be. This book along with other books in the SIMPLY DATA series will simplify data for the most data-averse as also data-savvy person alike, enabling one and all to leverage the true power of data – because data is an inescapable reality for all types of job roles, professions and businesses today.

About Author
Sejal Vora is the only Indian Published Author with a book in the Data Analytics & Storytelling genre. A TEDx Speaker and Times 40 under 40 achiever 2022 – recognizing her exemplary achievements, Sejal has been defying all odds and carving a path of her own in a niche yet a highly in-demand area of business.

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