Winning Hearts And Minds: Transactional Analysis Simplified


ISBN: 9788196010089

Release Date: February 1, 2023
No. of Pages: 260

Winning Hearts and Minds: Transactional Analysis Simplified uses the principles of TA to enable the reader to learn about his or her personality, identify and eliminate certain recurring patterns of harmful behavior that may have become ingrained in the psyche, and discover how to forge and maintain authentic relationships and enrich existing ones. The elegant and lucid theory of TA as set forth in this book has benefited millions of people all over the world as a remarkable means of fostering self-awareness, genuineness, and growth. The book will also be useful to practicing managers and HR professionals who seek to build a positive organizational culture based on the principles of mutual respect and trust.

About Author
Indranil Mitra was educated at Modern School, New Delhi, and St Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. He did his post-graduation in physics from the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi. He later joined NTPC Limited as an executive trainee in the HR department and
completed Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. In his 30-year career in HR, he held various positions of responsibility in the
company’s coal- and gas-based power plants, a subsidiary, and the NTPC Corporate Centre in New Delhi. During this time, he designed and implemented various HR/HRD initiatives in NTPC. Subsequently, he joined its apex-level training center, the Power Management Institute, Noida, as Senior Faculty Member in HR and Organization Behaviour. He is a certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and has also obtained certification in TA 101 recognised by the International Transactional Analysis Association. Indranil’s lifelong interest in transactional analysis (TA) led him to develop a workshop titled “Building Interpersonal Skills through Transactional Analysis,” which he has been conducting at the institute. He wrote this book to make this remarkable technique for self-development and personal growth accessible to a wider audience. He has also co-authored and edited a book, Manthan: Art and Science of Developing Leaders, with K. K. Sinha and Ajay Soni, published in 2017. He lives in New Delhi with his wife and daughter. He is keenly interested in literature, philosophy, music, drawing, art and culture, and bridge.

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