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  • Speaking Design

    Author: S. Balaram
    1,500.00 ISBN: 9788196775131

    Modern design is just a century old but it is today one of the world’s most attractive, even seductive, occupations. But how many know that under the cover of this immense glamour and beauty, it is a very serious profession of power? And with great power comes great responsibility. The famous design writer Victor Papanek…

  • Thinking Design

    Author: S. Balaram
    1,250.00 ISBN: 9788196775148

    S. Balaram is one of the pioneers who commenced design education in India. His championship of Universal Design Education won him the Grand Jury Award of the International Association of Universal Designers. “Majority World”, the term he coined to replace the biased terms “Developing World” and “Third World”, is now accepted globally as appropriate. He is the only Indian to get the “Ron Mace / Designing for the 21st Century Award”. He is one of the very few designers who publishes regularly and has authored ten books on diverse aspects of design.