Speaking Design [ Hardcover]

Author: S. Balaram


ISBN: 9788197188381
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Modern design is just a century old but it is today one of the world’s most attractive, even seductive, occupations. But how many know that under the cover of this immense glamour and beauty, it is a very serious profession of power? And with great power comes great responsibility.

The famous design writer Victor Papanek stated that “there are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few.”
An ideal way of mitigating any possible harm is by speaking about it to raise arguments, debate and discussion.

This book is a collection of speeches given by Balaram over two decades, covering diverse topics such as:
*Watches don’t tell time
*Toying with children
*The soul of a nation
*Thinking fingers and speaking materials
*Design enables or disables?
*Shoot to save not to kill
*The East-West integration by design *Cooperative design and co-design