Future of Retail Management: Blending Digital and Traditional Practices

Author: Rishi Kapal


ISBN: 9788196010027

Release Date: May 22nd, 2023

No of Pages: 188


The essence of retail management is the process of assisting customers and consumers to be able to find and use products and services. However, with the blended advent of physical and digital retail practices, not all the sectors follow the same retail frameworks. As Muralikrishnan B, President of Xiaomi India states “That COVID-19 fundamentally changed our ways of working, presenting new opportunities as well as fresh challenges is to state the obvious”. An excellent retail strategy is important for customer retention and as per Phalgun Kompelli and Mayank Kumar, founder of Upgrad , “ businesses were forced to switch gears from offline to online and accept the ‘tech-induced-new normal’ as a way forward.” Hence the integration of retail channels started being fast tracked, that each student, faculty, and retail practitioner will understand through this new age book. As Vishal Gondal, founder and CEO of Goqii mentions “ the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of preventive healthcare and spurred a shift towards a greater focus on preventive measures thereby impacting the retail strategies.” Overall, the understanding of retail management needs to be re-invented and Venkat Malluvajhula, ANZ Head of Pitney Bowes(SendTech) elaborates that “The retail industry continues to experience significant change and disruption with shifting consumer behaviors, needs, and expectations”. Go ahead and grab this book to know the future of retail management in the Consumer Electronics, Education, Healthtech sectors. With the author’s persona experiences of 2 decades poured in the book, it would help you redefine the context and content about blending new age retail practices.

About Author
A Stanford LEAD Alumni | Author of 4 acclaimed books | An academician by choice | Three decades of experience in Global Strategy, Management & Transitions | Former CXO @ Sony, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Castrol.

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