Knowledge Management: Maximizing Organizational Intelligence For Success


ISBN: 9788196671181

Dr. Lata Suresh, a luminary with over 30 years of remarkable achievements, serves as the Head of the Knowledge Resource Centre and Head of Institutional Partnership and Corporate Communications at the prestigious Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs. With an impressive array of qualifications, including a PhD from the University of Pune, she has been internationally and nationally recognized for her contributions. Dr. Suresh is a sought-after speaker and trainer in various domains, offering expertise in leadership, soft skills, POSH, and corporate training. Her diverse knowledge spans information science, marketing, leadership, knowledge management, cyber law, and much more, enriched by a global professional journey with many books and papers in her credit.

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The book on Knowledge Management offers a comprehensive exploration of the field, catering to a diverse readership, including students, professionals, and researchers. It begins by defining knowledge management’s importance in today’s knowledge-driven economy and provides historical context, discussing key concepts and challenges. The book delves into knowledge creation, acquisition, organization, storage, retrieval, and sharing, covering various techniques and technologies. It emphasizes the role of leadership, organizational culture, and technology, incorporating real-world case studies to illustrate best practices. Moreover, the book addresses the future of knowledge management, including emerging trends and ethical considerations. Throughout, it provides practical insights, theoretical frameworks, and actionable strategies, equipping readers to harness and leverage organizational knowledge for competitive advantage elaborating with case studies and Best practices adopted by the corporates and Institutions.