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  • Corporate Quirks: The Darker Side of the Sun

    595.00 ISBN: 9788196294519

    Release Date: May 25th, 2023

    No. of Pages: 211


    The contribution made by the corporate sector to our economy is well documented. Everyone wants to be part of this canvas. But there are some quirks that run through all companies; and have been written about here based on personal experiences. This can be about HR practices, CEOs, Awards, communication, bosses, genuflection, conferences, gifts and even mundane things like emails and presentations. The reader will find this familiar and may just ask how the author knows about her company. The answer is that these quirks pervade the corridors and cabins of all companies. They are serious yet funny. Serious because this often happens, and funny because we need to have a sense of humour to savour the way of corporate life. These pages are to be read with a smile and taken in the right spirit because as the bard had said – all of us are actors that speak our lines and walk off the stage!

    About Author

    Madan Sabnavis, an accidental economist, who became one due to his inability to open other career doors, is a postgraduate in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and graduated from St Stephen’s College, Delhi in Economics (Honours). He has been a corporate economist for 36 years of which 35 were in the private sector- erstwhile ICICI Limited, ICICI Bank, Larsen and Toubro, NCDEX and CARE Ratings. Experiences in these private companies provide the raw materials for this book. He is presently the Chief Economist with the Bank of Baroda. Author of five books and around 3000 articles, he has been a freelance columnist for newspapers since 1988

  • Banking Trends and Controversies

    Banking Trends and Controversies

    550.00 ISBN: 9788196078119

    Release Date: February 15, 2023

    No. of Pages: 308


    India is grappling with its worst banking crisis ever, and we are still trying to figure out what landed us here. Banking Trends and Controversies present the two sides of the Indian banking story by giving an account of the reforms as well as quandaries in times of extraordinary economic and political challenges.

    About Author
    Madan Sabnavis is working as chief economist with Bank of Baroda. He is a noted columnist for Financial Express, Business Line, The Economic Times, Business Standard and Mint.