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  • HRD and OD for Managers: Building Individual and Organizational Effectiveness [Hardcover]

    1,399.00 ISBN: 9788197188367

    This book is an outcome of Dr Udai Pareek’s rich worldwide experience of more than 50 years with diverse organizations, HRD professionals, researchers, students and trainers. It contains a repertoire of psychological tests, questionnaires, self-evaluation tests, projective techniques and other instruments that have been used by organizations in different countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ireland, Canada and USA. The experience from diverse users have widened the scope and application of these instruments with minor adaptations for different cultural settings. This enhanced fifth edition for managers includes:

    • Basic knowledge on use of instruments, a range of instruments for personal and interpersonal skills, building team effectiveness in organisations.
    • Added information on ‘reliability and validity’ in several instruments.

    Celebrating its vast readership for almost two decades, the book caters to Indian HRD Professionals, Trainers, Consultants and Researchers. The second part coming up will cater to different Professionals.

  • HRD Score Card 2500: Tools for Renewal based on HRD Audit

    Author: T.V. Rao
    895.00 ISBN: 9788196329693

    Release Date: 28th,  August 2023

    No. of Pages: 293


    A new HRD function was created in mid-seventies by Udai Pareek and the author of this book recognizing the significance of competent and committed people in helping organizations achieve their purpose and goals. Subsequent studies across the globe have indicated that good HR systems and practices go a long way to make firms effective all the time. Studies have also shown that competent HRD staff and departments are critical to make such systems function well and create a culture of sustainability. Two decades after the start of the new HRD function, gaps have been found in understanding, structuring, disseminating and implementing good HRD in several corporations. In order to enhance the impact of HRD, a systematic review and evaluation of HRD systems, practices, competencies of HRD staff and other stakeholders was invented in early nineties and was called as “HRD Audit”. This book is an outline of such HRD audit to review and rejuvenate good HRD by assigning scores for an organization. Good HRD of any organization stands on four pillars: Systems, Competencies, Culture and Alignment. The strength of each pillar can be improved first be measuring and finding gaps and subsequently by strengthening the areas that need support. This volume presents tools and methodology to evaluate these four pillars of HRD: 1. HR systems, 2. Competencies of HR staff, top management and other employees, 3. HRD values and Organizational culture, and 4. Alignment as indicated by the HRD’s impact on intellectual CapitaLand financial out comes. The book presents detailed guidelines and framework for such measurement using 2500 points. The points are indicative the measures can be adjusted to suit the contextual reality of the user. We hope this volume will help you to examine your HR systems and practices, competencies of all those involved and enable you to create a right kind of culture and maximize your impact in achieving short term and long term goals of your organization.

    About the Author

    Dr. T. V. Rao is currently Chairman, TVRLS. A former professor and Board member at IIMA, he is the Founder President of National HRD Network and has been in the forefront of HRD movement in the country. Dr. Rao worked as a short-term consultant to UNESCO, Bangkok; USAID Indonesia; UNIDO Malaysia; and Commonwealth Secretariat, London and as HRD Consultant in India to over a hundred organizations in the public and private sectors. He received many awards including Ravi Matthai Fellow (AIMS), Asia Pacific HR Professional of the year 2019 (APFHRM) and Lifetime Achievement Award from Indian Academy of Management. He has authored over 60 books.

  • Cyber Strong: Cybersecurity and Risk Management

    Cyber Strong: Cybersecurity and Risk Management

    Author: Ajay Singh
    695.00 ISBN: 9788196078126

    Book Cover: Hardcover
    Release Date: February 27, 2023

    No. of Pages: 308


    Cyber risk is one of the biggest challenges’ businesses face in the 21st Century. The increasing dependence and use of technology to run businesses combined with the spate of cyber-attacks and risk to reputational damage in recent times has made cybersecurity a top priority for corporates as well as other organizations.
    Limited knowledge of cybersecurity among business leaders and functional managers is a major barrier for effective cyber risk management.
    CYBERSTRONG aims to inform and empower business managers and leaders alike to be able to assess cyber threats, integrate cybersecurity strategy with business goals, and build appropriate response systems to deal with cyber risks.

    About Author
    Ajay Singh has over 35 years’ experience in the IT industry in different roles and was the CEO of a Fintech Company for over a decade. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and serves on multiple advisory boards. He is an award-winning author and visiting faculty at leading business schools.