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  • Grace, Glory and Gaffe: India’s Northeastern Region @75

    775.00 ISBN: 9788196775193

    India’s Northeastern Region (NER) is important for both security and political reasons. It is a complex territory in terms of the heterogeneity of its population and also due to the various disputes over inter-state boundaries and sharing of resources. The region has a unique geographical location – a significantly large part of the region shares its boundaries with neighbouring countries. The NER has a history of insurgency movements, many of which continued to exist until very recently. The Government of India has sought to meet the challenge by using various different approaches, ranging from implementing the (AFSPA) to engaging resurgent groups in negotiations and signing peace accords with many of them; and in more recent times, building infrastructure that could lead to growth and development of the region. The volume seeks to assess the successes and failures of counterinsurgency, peace-making and developmental policies of the Government of India vis-a-vis the Northeastern region. 

  • Grace, Glory and Gaffe: India’s Defence and Security@75

    649.00 ISBN: 9788196329648

    Release Date: 15th,  August 2023

    No. of Pages: 317


    Defending India in the face of multifarious insecurities that it faces is no mean feat. It is surrounded by hostile neighbours with nuclear capabilities and a strategic environment which is continuously in flux. With five major wars, protracted sub-conventional wars and intermittent eruption of localised conflicts, India has dealt with a grim security scenario since independence and continues to deal with it on a daily basis even today. This at the backdrop of a vibrant democracy which also means a continuous struggle of getting to consensus at a political spectrum which is extraordinarily diverse and also confrontational. How has India managed to do it? What have been the key strategic decisions that impacted defence and security apparatus in the country? What have been the key inflections points in India’s Defence and Security Policy making? What more needs to be done to face a new generation of warfare and conflicts? This volume attempts to contemplate these questions and more.

    About the Editors

    Dr. Uttara Sahasrabuddhe is Distinguished Fellow at the Forum for Integrated National Security, Mumbai. Formerly, she was Professor & Head, Department of Civics & Politics, University of Mumbai.
    Akshay Ranade is Assistant Professor (Politics and International Relations) at Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Symbiosis International University. Prior to that, worked as Assistant Professor at the MIT-School of Government and also as a researcher at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi.