Grace, Glory and Gaffe: India’s Northeastern Region @75


ISBN: 9788196775193

India’s Northeastern Region (NER) is important for both security and political reasons. It is a complex territory in terms of the heterogeneity of its population and also due to the various disputes over inter-state boundaries and sharing of resources. The region has a unique geographical location – a significantly large part of the region shares its boundaries with neighbouring countries. The NER has a history of insurgency movements, many of which continued to exist until very recently. The Government of India has sought to meet the challenge by using various different approaches, ranging from implementing the (AFSPA) to engaging resurgent groups in negotiations and signing peace accords with many of them; and in more recent times, building infrastructure that could lead to growth and development of the region. The volume seeks to assess the successes and failures of counterinsurgency, peace-making and developmental policies of the Government of India vis-a-vis the Northeastern region. 

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