Simply Data: Data to Decisions

Author: Sejal Vora


ISBN: 9788196329600

Release Date: 9th,  August2023

No. of Pages: 276


Spreadsheets      Databases        Analytics       Graphs        Statistics

Are these words enough to transport you into snooze mode?
Data is not essential for my job / business?
Is that what you think?
Analytical skills require exceptional intellect which is bestowed upon only chosen few.
Is that what you believe?
The ‘science of data’ is an exclusive club meant for data scientists alone.
Is that what you’ve been told?
This book will bust all these myths surrounding Data and the data averse nature in most people.
Data has become an inescapable reality of all our lives, professions, and businesses. And the need for driving decisions with data could not have been more pronounced than it is today. Data is not as complex as it has been made out to be. This book along with other books in the SIMPLY DATA series will simplify data for the most data-averse as also data-savvy person alike, enabling one and all to leverage the true power of data. You do not need any prior data, tools or technological knowledge to pick up this book and learn from it.
The first part of this book will help you understand data better and get more comfortable with it. The second part will guide you on decoding the meaning behind data using both the left – analytical thinking brain and the right – creative or intuitive thinking brain, to achieve whole brain thinking. From Analytical Reasoning to Pattern Recognition and developing an analytical mindset; To introducing for the very first time – the concept of Data Intuition, this book has it all!  As a bonus, in part three you will also get an insight on using the storytelling technique for effective data communication.

Sejal Vora – Author, Tedx Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Times 40 under 40 Achiever, is the go-to name in the field of Data Analytics & Storytelling. She uses her practical experience and simplified teaching approach to rid corporate communications of ‘data dumps’, convert them into ‘stories’ and drive a Data to Decisions culture through her consulting & training services for organizations across all industries.

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