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  • Succeeding in Your Startup

    695.00 ISBN: 9788196503352

    Dive into the dynamic world of startups with our insightful book, where seasoned entrepreneur Kaloian & Kapil shares their invaluable experiences, illuminating the path from ideation to success. Discover a treasure trove of practical advice, strategic wisdom, and inspiring anecdotes that will empower you on your startup journey. Unveil the secrets to navigating challenges, harnessing innovation, and building a resilient business. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an industry veteran, this book is your essential guide to thriving in the fast-paced landscape of startups.

    Kapil Rampal is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with diverse business involvements spanning Edtech, Mining, Real Estate, Analytics, Marketing, Outsourcing, and beyond. His unwavering conviction in the latent capacities of emerging entrepreneurs drives him to extend comprehensive support to their endeavors. Within this book, he generously imparts a selection of his personal encounters and insights.Despite his achievements, Kapil remains a perpetual student, earnestly pursuing continuous growth and learning. The allure of nascent startups continues to captivate him, a testament to his unrelenting curiosity and enthusiasm for the innovation process.Furthermore, he nurtures a distinct affinity for startups emerging from his esteemed alma maters such as IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIMC, and MICA, reflecting his commitment to fostering innovation within his educational community.

    Kaloian Kirilov is an M&A advisor who also have founded two startups in the Edtech field. Mr. Kirilov is also teaching startup financing at Sofia University. Besides this book, he is also author of two other books: “How to sell your company?” and “Who will take over my business?”