Demystifying Self-Directed Learning for Health Professions Educator: From Theory to Practice


ISBN: 9788196671112

Dr.T.S. Gugapriya is currently working as a professor of Anatomy and coordinator of the Centre for Medical Education Technologies at AIIMS Nagpur. She is a passionate teacher with 20 years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience. She is a FAIMER fellow and an innovative trainer for faculty development programs. She mentors research in medical education to develop evidence-based educational interventions. Loves interacting with people and being a team person.


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Being a lifelong learner is one of the primary roles practiced by an Indian medical graduate (IMG). To initiate IMGs into this role, the process of self-directed learning has been introduced as a component of the recently introduced competency-based medical education curriculum framework. Given the background, health professions educators need to train themselves in implementing self-directed learning modules with clarity and understanding. This book on Self-directed learning for health professionals educators- from theory to practice elaborates on the principles of self-directed learning, demystifying the misconceptions while hand-holding the readers step by step with ready-to-use templates for successful planning and conducting impactful self-directed learning sessions for IMGs.