Managing Large Teams, Overcoming Skip-Level Frictions & Executive Isolation

Author: Rishi Kapal


ISBN: 9788196010003

Release Date: January 28, 2023
No. of Pages: 236

Managing and leading large teams is an acquired skill and doesn’t come naturally to people. As the team grows horizontally in number and vertically in levels, team management gets complicated. Managing large teams is borne out of the authors twenty-five plus years of experience of navigating multiple scenarios, transitions from an individual contributor to becoming a first-time manager to later helming teams as a CEO that expanded across North America, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia. Brimming with the wisdom and experiences of Indian and global CEOs, and Stanford lead alumni, the book tackles subjects such as handling multicultural and multi-locational teams, building a strong trustworthy culture of skip-level engagements and the oft-discussed phenomenon of executive isolation at work. Get your hands on this reservoir of knowledge on leadership, organization development and management practices for the present and future generations of performers.

About Author
A Stanford LEAD Alumni | Author of 4 acclaimed books | An academician by choice | Three decades of experience in Global Strategy, Management & Transitions | Former CXO @ Sony, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Castrol

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