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  • TRIZ: Methods in Solving Non-Standard Problems

    1,990.00 ISBN: 9788196329631

    Release Date: 30th June, 2023

    No. of Pages: 249


    This book describes a method for solving non-standard problems, consisting of 5 steps.
    The book contains a description of the logic of inventive problem solving. Much attention in the book is given to the practice of using these tools.
    The material is quickly and easily absorbed. It is suitable for solving problems from any field of knowledge. This volume of knowledge is sufficient for solving many inventive problems. Much attention is given in this book to practice of using these tools, therefore, the book contains many tasks for independent work, which are analyzed in appendixes.
    The book contains 88 problems of 41 for an independent solution. Author’s analysis of these problems is given in the appendix.
    The book is intended for a broad circle of readers and will be especially useful for those who want to learn how to obtain new ideas quickly.

    About Author

    “Vladimir Petrov is the author of the provided information. He is known as the “Master of TRIZ” and serves as the President of the TRIZ Association of Israel. He is also a co-founder and co-organizer of the TRIZ Developers Summit and a scientific consultant for the European TRIZ Association.

    Petrov was a member of the Presidium of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) from its inception until 2006. He served as a member of the Expert and Methodological Council of MATRIZ, as well as the dissertation council for granting the degree of TRIZ Master from the establishment of MATRIZ until 2015.

    The author has been involved in TRIZ since 1972. He was a student, colleague, and friend of TRIZ author Genrich Altshuller. Together with Altshuller, he conducted numerous TRIZ training seminars in various cities of the USSR. He co-organized the Leningrad Scientific School of TRIZ with Voluslav Mitrofanov and organized and delivered lectures in many TRIZ courses in the former USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, South Korea, and Israel. He also assisted in organizing TRIZ schools in Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Vietnam, and Israel.

    He is a versatile TRIZ specialist with broad scientific interests. He dedicates a lot of attention to the development of laws and patterns of system development, forecasting, systemic research, ARIZ, field analysis, information resources, teaching methods of TRIZ for all age groups, and fostering inventive thinking in adults and children.

    He has delivered over 50,000 hours of TRIZ lectures to adult and children audiences. He has trained several thousand students. He has solved over 5,000 inventive problems and completed over 500 projects for leading companies in the USA, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Israel, including Samsung, Intel, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corp., Boeing, Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, BMW, BOSCH, CompAir, Philips Semiconductors, HP, Applied Materials, Google, Microsoft, and more.

    He has delivered lectures on TRIZ at universities in South Korea, Russia, and Israel. He introduced certain concepts in TRIZ, such as resources. He developed specific laws, patterns, and trends of system development and co-created his own system of laws and patterns of system development, forecasting, solving inventive problems in business, and promoting business projects. He is involved in adapting TRIZ for information technologies and business. He created his own TRIZ training methodology designed for people of all ages and a methodology for fostering inventive thinking.

    He is the author of over 30 books on TRIZ, more than 300 printed works on TRIZ, and holds 48 patents. In total, he has authored over 400 printed works.

    He is the creator and leading specialist of the largest TRIZ groups on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.