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  • But if you insult my mother and other stories that touch the soul

    Author: Dr. P. Jones
    399.00 ISBN: 9788197188398

    Release Date: May 18, 2024
    No. of Pages: –

    A chor descending upon a wedding night, a controlling husband, a mother-in-law who leaves no food for her bahu…

    From raw emotions to hilarious escapades, tender moments to harsh truths, this collection of stories vividly portrays the realities of being mothers and daughters, wives and daughters-in-law, in contemporary urban India.

    Whether stemming from the author’s own life or inspired by events unfolding around her, each story touches the soul, resonating long after the last line has been read.

    What makes these stories truly special is the love they received from millions of readers during their time as blogs.

    Now, the best-loved among them find their exclusive home here, within this cherished collection.

    About Author

    Dr. P. Jones stumbles through life like so many of us, juggling her one husband, two kids, three best friends, and a myriad of madcap adventures. She loves strong opinions, snark, and delving into human relationships. She writes about exactly those things, offering novel insights into the ordinary moments of our everyday lives. This is her debut book.