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  • Wonderland of the Corporate World

    699.00 ISBN: 9788196918811

    Generations loved the character of Alice, in Alice in Wonderland, created by Lewis Carroll in 1865.  Adored by children and adults, its themes are proven to be valid today as they were back then. The story provides some pretty down to earth tips for those who spend their life in the corporate world. It speaks of creativity, time management, productivity, value, trust, belief, vision, perfectionism and a host of other topics critical to the success in today’s corporate world.

    This book is about journey of a professional named Harish, through the corporate wonderland for over 4 decades. It follows this journey as he explores this fantastic, and somewhat insane world and experiences situations of aspiration, inspiration, perspiration and desperation in a variety of organizations, cultures and environments he had to manage. There is lot to learn from his experiences, challenges he took and difficult situations he managed all though his corporate life. For him, every success was rejoicing and every failure was an opportunity and challenge to improve and do better. Hope readers love Harish for the way in which he navigated himself through the corporate world and benefit from his adventures.