Shaifaly Sangal

Shaifaly Sangal drove to her spiritual center on March 14, 2024, she experienced a profound moment. In the quiet of her car, a voice whispered to her, urging her to write a book on Ho’oponopono success stories. She was struck by the clarity of the message. There was no such book, yet the idea resonated deeply within her.
Upon arriving at the center, she felt a surge of gratitude and acceptance. She knew this inspiration came from a higher source. With a heart full of reverence, she embraced the blessings of Baba and wasted no time in putting pen to paper.
Every word seemed to flow effortlessly, as if guided by an unseen hand.
As she wrote, she felt a sense of purpose and fulfilment unlike anything she had ever experienced.
And when the final words were written, she knew in her heart that this book was not her own creation, but a gift from the Divine.