Pranoti has over twenty years’ experience across the spectrum of marketing; from market research, to advertising to marketing communications, and more recently as an independent brand strategy consultant to small agencies and start-ups.

She has worked with Rediffusion DYR, Ogilvy, and Kimberly Clark Ltd and consulted with companies like Lenovo, A C Nielsen, Terratech Ltd, Thought Blurb, Pitchcraft, Atomic Ads, Pathfinders, Morarka organics, amongst others. She has worked on multiple categories from food & beverages, consumer goods, consumer durables, finance, realty, green tech and Information technology. She has also created business content for companies looking to showcase their capabilities for raising venture capital.

She has also published a book “Mamma Mia” with WonderHouse Books in 2020 – a humorous illustrated book for parents, a children’s picture book “Ina and Kai save the beach” commissioned by Zooboos and has written articles, research papers professionally on Brand Equity and personally on Women’s web, Momspresso and other lifestyle publications.